MZRN can offer you no better advice than to consider your children’s needs first and foremost. By communicating and cooperating with one another, parents can minimize the effects of a divorce or separation on their children. Under certain circumstances, however, we understand cooperation may not be possible.

Custody can be one of the most difficult and delicate parts of divorce and separation, and parents must take into account a myriad of environmental, physical, psychological and economic factors affecting the family.

Child custody essentially involves two aspects: “legal” custody, or decision-making authority concerning major issues affecting your child or children, including, but not limited to, education, health and religious issues; and “physical” or “residential” custody, or physical parenting time with children.

MZRN is recognized for our attorneys’ expertise when advocating for the best interest of children either as serving as attorney for children or as advocates for the parents of children, and will at all times provide you with the required guidance in dealing with the delicate matter of custody.